The Sequoia

Capacity 20-50 seated | Up to 80 Standing

The Sequoia is the penthouse of Wayfare Tavern, located on the 4th floor with a Skylight view of the Transamerica Pyramid this room was designed to WOW. It's the perfect private lounge, and private event space. Versatile enough for all of your hosting needs, great for large and small gatherings. 

The creative vision by legendary Ken Fulk pays homage to the building’s history with the re-purposing of the vault, transformed into a secret seating area. The room is fully equipped with Sonos surround sound and TVs for presentations or sporting events.

Explore the The Sequoia : A 3D Matterport Tour

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The penthouse with views of the Transamerica building

Commonly Asked Questions

We do not offer a cash bar - all drinks are charged to the hosted tab and are charged on a consumption basis.In hosted bar arrangement, the event host or organizer covers the cost of beverages consumed by guests during the event. This means that attendees can enjoy a variety of drinks without having to pay for them individually. The selection of beverages available at a hosted bar typically includes a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, such as wine, beer, spirits, cocktails, soft drinks, and juices. The specific offerings and duration of the hosted bar are pre-selected by the host and can be limited or capped at a certain dollar amount.

Bartenders-if you decideto offer a full bar we willstaff a bartenderfor yourevent. Drinks are offered and served tableside during the meal but guestscan visit the bar before and afterseated meals. Thereis no added fee.

The host of the event will pre-select the wines that will be available to guests, we have a special wine list just for our larger groups with curated options that are all crowd-pleasers. Corkage is permitted for $25 per bottle served but is not applied to the minimum spend. You can limit the qty of bottles served during your event or place a cap on the overall bar spend.

Only Wines can be brought in under the corkage policy. No beer or hard Liquor

All Menus in our private rooms are pre-fixed we do not take orders during events. Sample menus are available on the website, we have plated dinner,reception & family-style options. Plated Dinners are only available to groups of 30 or fewer, family - style is our most popular style of service. See the Menu Guidelines document online for more details on all our menu styles.

Yes, we are always happy to accommodate guests with allergies & dietary restrictions. We like to plan for these in advance whenever possible, just provide our event team with any allergies when you submit your menus and we will make sure your guests are accommodated.If you don't know in advance that is OK too, but it may result in a delay for those guests getting food and additional costs. There is no need to try to accommodate every allergy when you are selecting your menus, just pick the meal that best suits most of your guests and we will make sure everyone has something delish to eat! For Kosher or Halal guests you will need to make arrangements for a meal delivery depending on the guest's needs and preferences.

Yes, and we can add a logo or custom menu title for you.


Our staff is happy to place flowers on the tables, light a few candles or set out "well-organized place cards" but they will not have the time to decorate the room for you. We always recommend day-of event planners for any event with a more elaborate setup.

Yes, but check in with our event team so they can advise you on the proper sizes, and what specific utensils are needed for different styles of service.

No, but we have a great vendor guide to help you find a florist for your event.- please note for family-style meals florals need to be kept minimal so that there is room for the platters.

Rules: 1. Nothing can adhere to a painted surface 2. Candles are OK but need a base that catches all the wax 3. No dried floral arrangements next to candles 4. No glitter or confetti inside or outside 5. No sparklers inside or outside (this includes sparkler candles) 6. Nothing sentimental or valuable or perishable can be left after your event ends

1 hour before your event start time.If you need more than 1hr consider an all-day rental so you have the whole day to decorate.

Yes, but everything must be in containers, organized, and labeled with your event date,room, and time. You can drop it off 36 hours in advance of your event time. Limited space is available

. No we don't make wedding or birthday cakes in-house, but we do allow you to order them from an outside vendor and have them delivered. There is a $25 per cake flat fee for plating and serving.

There is no onsite parking or valet, we recommend the garage at the FIDI Hilton or One Embarcadero Plaza. Street parking is limited but available.

Not an official "zone"If you or your vendors need to unload, or drop off guests you can use the white zone across the street from Wayfare's Front door on Sacramento Street (before 3 pm, Between 3-7 it is now a tow-away). The area directly in front of the restaurant is a bus lane until 7 pm. ALWAYS READ THE SIGNS

The events team will send you updated menus 30 days in advance along with a detailed questionnaire. Your final details & menus are due a minimum of 7 days before your event date and headcount is due 3 days before your event date.

We typically staff one staff member for every 15 guests for a seated meal, and one staff member for every 20 guests for cocktail receptions

Yes, for all plated & Family Style meals. For receptions, they can be purchased for $2ea

Yes, if you would like a custom "food or cocktail" menu there is a $250 - $1000 fee depending on the request. Please inquire with the events team for more details.

No, since we are a full-service restaurant and not a caterer, guests are welcome to come in and dine anytime to try the food and wines. We are always happy to help with the selection process or answer any questions.

Yes, Children are welcome at private events. Children 3-8 are $25 each and over 8 are full price. We have a limited number of highchairs & boosters if needed. Kids eat the same meal as adults unless prearranged with the event team. While children are welcome our rooms are not child-proof and all children must be under direct adult supervision at all times. No one under 21 will be served or permitted to drink alcohol.

Vendor meals are available for $35 each, it will be a version of what you order for your event and served after the main course.If both rooms are being used there may not be a place for your vendors to sit and eat, so we can package up the food to go if needed. We can also pre-arrange for meals before the event start time, prices will vary.